Welcome to Fuelled by Nutrition where the goal is to show YOU how to use nourishing foods to FUEL your performance and BALANCE your health.

I believe that every person has their own unique life story, journey and goals. By using a holistic approach I work with my clients to set small, realistic and attainable goals, as changes are difficult to make... Let’s be honest, if changes were so easy to make then we would all be fit, healthy and energetic.  Just because changes are not always easy to make DOES NOT mean that they are not possible, because they most certainly are. Because of this, everyone needs a support person in their life who will lend an understanding ear and then encourage and gently push them to get back on the road to health and success. That’s my role at Fuelled by Nutrition! I provide an understanding service that works to reduce barriers associated with making positive life changes, while also meeting people where they are at in terms of their goals.


I pride myself on the profound belief that the body is capable of building and repairing itself, if provided the appropriate tools to do so, and I work as hard as my clients at initiating and sustaining positive changes.

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